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Color Consultation

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Color Scheme

Color Consultations

Color Consultation in Colorado

Color is a personal preference. What one finds classy, another may find gaudy. We know and respect the fact that once Curb Appeal Exteriors has finished your home, you will have to live with the results. That’s why we have a color consultant on hand who can help you decide on the right color schemes for your sense of aesthetic.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, to create a palatable color scheme their home. Curb Appeal Exteriors works alongside designers and home stager’s harmoniously, and we work together as a team to produce the results you want. With our experience we can guide you along the color decision process smoothly. From the simple, mundane aspects, like ceiling color, to the exciting options of bedroom colors. It all has to tie in and make sense otherwise it will look disjointed and rushed.

The first time we discuss possible color choices is during the quote. From there we can get a sense of your style, whether you want to go bold or keep it neutral. Once you have decided to choose Curb Appeal Exteriors, (wise choice!) we can work together to come up with a color scheme that works for you. It’s normal practice, during a color consult, to have ready any materials, paint chips or references you would like to incorporate. We take into account your artwork, rugs and furniture style as well. If you have just moved and have belongings in storage that will make or break the color scheme, we suggest you take photos to present to us. You can never have too much inspiration so go wild and have fun collecting reference material.

Color Consultation in Colorado

The exterior of your home shouldn’t be a last thought. You want it to reflect your personality as much as the inside does. We at Curb Appeal Exteriors are somewhat experts on painting exteriors in Northern Colorado. The majority of our spring/summer/fall seasons is spent outside painting. We have an extensive portfolio of homes and businesses we have completed over the years. We have a penchant for a classy front door. The small details like the soffit and fascia, and the gutters can make or break a good exterior paint job. We incorporate the small details for an immaculate result.

We have cleaned, stripped and stained a lot of decks. You can choose to use a green cleaner to remove the dirt every couple of years or go all out and stain it. We have used a lot of exterior wood products and, to be honest, some of them fall short in performing. We aren’t loyal to a brand, we are loyal to the best product, and we have whittled our selection down to just that. Color is a wonderful way to add warmth and style to a deck or wood trim. We can advise you on what would look best, taking into consideration your usage and maintenance.

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